Feathering Techniques - Part 3


Welcome to Feathering Techniques - Part 3.

In this 100 minute video I will share lots of information with you about how to create beautiful tails on birds.

We will be working on three birds:
• Small Bird - Convex Tail
• Medium Bird - Side view of Tail
• Large Bird - Concave Fantail

Tools you will need for this session:
Self Healing cutting mat,
Craft knife,
2mm thick vinyl or rubber shaping mat,
2 stylus shapers and 1 regular shaping tool,
Scissors suitable for feathering,
Fine bent nose tweezers,
Tacky Glue,
Wire (Cake decorating - 28 gauge)
Felt tipped pens to match.

Once purchased you can watch this video on any device at any time. You will have the flexibility to pause, replay and watch time and time again.

This video is for Tolers of all standards.

Happy Toling Toni

  • Purchase: $30.00
  • Author: Andy McCarthy - Paper Tole World